There are two ways to obtain Neverwinte Zen

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There are two ways to obtain Neverwinte Zen

Postby gamemmx » Tue Jun 04, 2019 7:21 am

The primary source of obtaining this currency is by killing enemies and taking what they drop. You can also earn this money through selling the gear that drops. Make sure to identify everything you can, even if you can’t use it, because you will get lots more for selling it if it is identified. You will also earn some as a reward for quests. It is not different from spending Astral Diamonds (100,000 for the SMoP) and receiving Gold in return (in the trade). By choosing the two currencies in the tool, you can simply calculate the worth of the SMoP in Gold by multiplying the exchange rate with 100,000 AD. Please note that you also have to divide the result by 10,000 to convert Copper into Gold.

There are two ways to obtain Zen Points, purchase them with real money through Perfect World Web Site and transfer the Cheap Neverwinter Zen to your Neverwinter account, or you can trade Astral Diamonds for Zen Points using the in game currency exchange, which works much like real stock exchanges. You are trading with other players and it is the player base that will decide the actual conversion rate on a daily basis. Some people are always wanting Astral Diamonds and others are always wanting Zen Points.

It is a currency bought for real-life money, for Zen you will be able to buy most luxurious items available in game. In Zen Market panel (opened from quick menu icon) you can check what epic items can be bought for Zen. In most MMO there is a singular currency that is used to purchase the vast majority of items. In most cases this is a gold based currency. Gold is generally generated through questing and the killing of monsters. Basic vendors and auction house purchases are usually associated with the gold currency.

In the case of Neverwinter, they chose to do things slightly differently. Basic vendors that sell basic items like potions and low level white gear use the gold currency. There is also a mount vendor and a companion vendor that you can use the gold currency for your purchases. As part of the new system, older campaigns that are not leveling zones will be moved to a group called Challenge Campaigns. Endgame players needn’t worry about these old zones and campaigns being a walk in the park because the difficulty will automatically scale to provide a consistent challenge. Three weekly quests will also be available from the Protector Enclave that will point adventurers to these older campaigns.
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