Administrator Application. [Frozty]

We are searching for admins. Post here if you want to become part of our team!

Administrator Application. [Frozty]

Postby Frozty » Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:39 pm

Ingame Nickname: [Nuclear]Frozty.

When did you join WW3?: Four years ago I think, I am not absolutely sure.

How active will you be in the future?: Well I've been playing more, so I would say like two or three hours a day, depending on my current day situation.

Have you been an admin or moderator on a server before?: I have been an administrator within two other servers. I played on them for about a year.

Why do you want to become part of our team?: To start, I am becoming more active in the server and I can assist you when it comes to enforcing the rules. Also, I really enjoy playing the server and being an admin on it would be magnificent. I also want to show these hackers that hacking will not be tolerated with our server, and punish rule-breakers to show them that rule-breaking will not be allowed in the server. I think I can be a great person in the team, I am nice and trust-worthy, but if I am placed in a position where my powers are to be used, they will be used.
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