Luis' Administrator Application

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Luis' Administrator Application

Postby [Nuclear]luis » Tue Feb 17, 2015 7:01 pm

Ingame Nickname: [Nuclear]Luis

When did you join WW3?: I joined WW3 summer of the year 2010. Invited by my good pal MINION.

How active will you be in the future?: I presume that my activity will definitely increase. I am attending college full time and working, but that does not fully restrict my free time. I get maybe 5-6 hours of free time every day withing classes (Not including the weekends). Which is more than enough time to join the server.

Have you been an admin or moderator on a server before?:
I have,
⇨I've owned a server which is no longer in existence.
⇨I've been Head/Lead Administrator in a free roam, no longer in existence.
⇨I'm also an EX-Administrator here.
So I do have good experience with Administrating.

Why do you want to become part of our team?: The reason I wish to be part of the WW3 Administrative team is because, Since I haven't left SA:MP for years, this was one of the first servers I have ever played on, and stayed. It's a part of me, I've had many great memories made here. I'm a veteran member of the server, as well. I won't go blabbering on about, "Here to stop hackers, and ban them." Because we all know that, that's one of the main reasons an Administrator is there for.
Not only am I hear to stop the hackers/cheater during times of need, which everyone states about. But also to increase and enhance the experience from a players point of view to administrators point of view. Of course not by placing myself and acting as if everyone who isn't an admin or a VIP is below me. I see as treating everyone equal as one. I see myself and every other admin as a player with "Higher-authority" and only that. I give everyone their full respect that is necessary.
I might not have many posts on my forum account, or have been seen on the server often lately, but I have always been here watching and reading. I check the forums all the time for news and updates, and occasionally (before the update) I would join with others players online.
So I'll review, the main reasons I wish to be an administrator here is to, enhance the experience with players, making them feel "Welcomed" to the server, assisting players or anyone with questions and concerns, and of course to get rid of pesky children.

I rest my case. (lol) I hope you consider bringing me back to the admin team, it would be just a pleasure to be back.
Thanks for taking the time to read everything.

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