Ma Apply.

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Ma Apply.

Postby BarBie » Tue Feb 17, 2015 5:52 pm

Ingame Nickname:[INT]BarBie

When did you join WW3?Tue Jul 10, 2012

How active will you be in the future?Um Depending On My IRL Stf And The Server , But Will Try The Best

Have you been an admin or moderator on a server before?Yes And Got Demoted For:1-not taking anticheat reports
2-Going mad if i don't get vehicles
3- Going aod to see other teams :d
Why do you want to become part of our team?First Of All Ofc The Server Is Perfect And It's People , And I Know That You Guys Have No Intention Of Promoting Me Again , I Saw That The Apps Were Open So It Courged Me Abit To Find Smthin To Kill My Boredom Time Other Than Studying, K Now :d Sometimes People Join To Do Things That Are Against The Rules(Not Saying That Admins Are Inactive) , And Try Not To Do My Same Mistakes :d
Thanks BarBie,3Bood,Abe,Abdalrehman,BarBiecan,Conor.
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