Admin Application

We are searching for admins. Post here if you want to become part of our team!

Admin Application

Postby [WW3]HawkHunterX » Sat Feb 14, 2015 1:49 pm

Ingame Nickname: [FOX]Mystery

When did you join WW3? Jun , 2013

How active will you be in the future? almost everyday

[size=150]Have you been an admin or moderator on a server before?[/size] Yes .

Why do you want to become part of our team? because i feel that i can help the server stand on its feet again . and because i like WW3 So much . i want to get the hackers out of the dome . also because i want to help in critical conditions and emergencies . and regular adminstration and aswell as i saw the need for admins in the server . and because of the feel of this unique server . i dont want it to be ruined because of some 7yr old kid who dosen't step out of his door . and take full resposibilty of actions and deeds of such . and to get more knowledgement and experience in all . aswell to keep everything in place and last but not least : Resposibilty and actions speak for myself . all constructive crictism is welcome
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