Cigarettes' Guide for all newbies.

Cigarettes' Guide for all newbies.

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Hello,people! I will be give you full guide of playing in this server.Please read them carefully and try to understand them because if you don't read them carefully,I'm not the one who is responsible,you are.So please,pay attention.

How to make money easily?
Simple,all you need to do is,kill your enemies,take turfs,stay inside the turf that your team taken and buy businesses.But you need money to buy the businesses,so the easiest way to earn money is kill your enemies and take turfs.You can also find Gold Package,you will earn several hundred or ten thousands of money if you find one.To know the location,type /hint .You will found a white tied pack and that is the Gold Package.

How to increase score?
To increase your score,you need to take turfs which are not owned by your team.You can also kill at least 50 enemies to gain 1 score,so I prefer you to take turfs because 1 turf taken = 1 score gained.

Available Commands.
/buyammo, /buybombs, /afk, /back, /admins, /ranklist, /copyright, /withdraw, /deposit, /pee | /piss, /stop, /me
/menu => Animations, Fight Styles, Actions, /spawnmenu | /sm | /spawnselection => Select your Spawn
/disablepms | /pmsdisable, /enablepms | /pmsenable, /houses, /poison, /trap, /numberplate, /businesses, /hint
Commands for all players:
/t, /report, /stats, /kill, /changepass, /adm (Talk to admins), /pm, /announce (For 1.000.000$), /buy, /sell
/heal | /h, /changeclass, /t (Teamchat), /cmds | /commands, /help, /fuel, /buyfuel, /fire, /ircpm, /blacklisted
/bank, /licenses, /buyhouse, /sellhouse, /setwelcomemessage, /sethousecolour, /backup, /callmedic, /downthedrain

Information about teams,gangs and classes and what they do.
There are 5 teams, 4 gangs and 8 classes.

--> Teams and who they're supported by.

Western European Alliance [WEA] - Supported by the Intimidators [INT]

South American Legions [SAL] - Supported by the Nuclears [Nuclear]

Siberian Invaders [SI] - Supported by the Force Operation X [FOX]

Down-And-Dirty Native Front [DNF] - Supported by Clear Sky Faction [CSF]

Medics - Supported by no gang.

--> Classes and what they do.
Assault: Normal class,no special features,but they get extra assault weapons ammo
Sniper: Special class,especially in sniping,you can aim at any player's head and shoot,then it will perform a head shot and the player gets automatically killed.
Anti-Tank: Special class,they have 10 Heat Seeker rockets,which can destroy a tank.
Anti-Air: Special class,they also have 10 Heat Seeker rockets,which destroy many types of aircraft.
Flamethrower: Nothing special,but they have special weapons like flamethrower.
Mechanic: Special class,they can repair,trap and re-fill fuel at any vehicles.
Pilot: Special class,they can use all licensed vehicles,except Rhino.
Doctor: Special class,they're like half-Medic but they can /poison [id],Medics cannot.

There are several artilleries that can be used.Those are:
ION Cannon
T-95 Tank
Nuke detonation

--> ION Cannon
ION Cannon is located at east of Old Ruins.You can use it but you need to own Old Ruins turf.It can be used each 3 minutes to avoid abusive by all players.To fire it,simply type /fire [ID] and it will launch at the player's ID.

--> ICBM
ICBM stands for InterContinental Ballistic Missile,located at Border River.You cannot use it unless your team owns Border River turf.To launch a missile,simply stand at the pickup and type /fire [ID] and it will launch at the player's ID.You will get kills if the missile kills the player and inflicted players which that are near the player.It can be used for each 7 minutes to avoid getting abused by all players.

--> Artillery
Artillery is kinda can fire only at turfs.It is located at mountain nearby Armoury.To use it,you need to own Armoury turf or you cannot use it.Simply stand at the pickup,then a menu appears.You can choose on what kind of turf you want.If you choose for example,Power Plant,then it will fire on Power Plant,all players in the turf can get killed.It can be used each 2 minutes to avoid getting abused by players.

--> T-95 Tank
T-95 Tank can be used by all players,but if you exit it,it will automatically re-spawn in 1 second.It has 20.000 energy / health and nearly indestructable.It can be used each 2 minutes,because this will avoid players abuse it.

--> Nuke detonation.
Nuke detonation is a half-nuclear warhead made,which can destroy 1/4 part of San Andreas or for example,whole of Los Santos region.You can start the mission by getting into one of 2 vans located at Area 51 / 69.Press 2 and drive to the first checkpoint,located at K.A.C.C. Military Fuels,then it will set you another checkpoint,located at San Fierro Naval Base.To detonate it,type /detonate and you have several seconds to flee.To survive from it,make sure you take an airplane and fly to nearby seaboard or Las Venturas northern seaboard.If you're in the range of nuke explosion,you're risk to get killed.It will give you kills of how many players that have been killed.

Server rules.
=> viewtopic.php?f=49&t=613

Taking turfs.
To take turfs,find the turf you wanted to take and run to the star pickup.You're not required to stand in the pickup until the take-over is finished,you can cruise around but you cannot exit the turf range or the take-over will be failed.If your team already own that turf,you're not needed to take it.
Turfs that are available:
Armoury (AR)
Fort Chilliad (FC)
Power Plant (PP)
Border River (BR)
Old Ruins (OR)

Getting to the war zone.
If you spawn at your main team / gang base,you can find a green mat / floor which can teleport you to your team warp point.There are several vehicles available,you can use them for easier transport to war zone.War zone is in the light-red marked territory.If you're out of the war zone,you still can be killed.

Spawn-killing protection and what it do.
Spawn-killing protection is for protecting you from being spawn-killed in your base.If you're at the base,then you're unable to be killed.If you're not at the base,you can get killed.If you exitted the base and re-entered,take your own risk because it will no longer protects you.

There are a lot of houses around the San Andreas,you can find them by typing /houses .Some of them are locked for those who got money / high score.If you don't have the score that needed,you're unable to buy it.

There are a lot of businesses around San Andreas,they are buy-able,but you need a high amount of money so you can buy it.For example: Mo3's Island. Cost: $1,200,000.Amount of money earned per minute: $355,000.There are also same amount of cost,earning,sometimes different.However,you will lose it if you timed out (crashed / lost connection / server restart),left the server or kicked / banned.To buy a property,stand in the dollar icon and type /buy.To sell it,stand in the dollar icon again and type /sell.

Spawn-weapons are weapons you bought for your spawn.For example,you bought 300 ammo of Combat shotgun.After you die,you will spawn with the same amount of ammo.It is only valid within 10 minutes after you left / timed out from the server.Each of them have different cost between ammu-nation.If you want to buy spawn-weapons,it's located at all team bases,except Medic base.Find a skull pickup,walk and stand at it and a menu will appear.The menu is like:
Armour - 10000$
Parachute - 500$
Ghost DS-22 - 50000$
Shortrange weapons > Knife -500$, Katana - 1000$, Chainsaw - 20000$
Firearms > Silenced 9mm - 1000$, Deagle - 6000$
Rifles > Shotgun - 3000$, Sawnoff - 4000$, Combat Shotgun - 5000$, Tec 9 - 15000$, Micro SMG - 25000$, SMG - 10000$, AK-47 - 15000$, M4 - 20000$
Snipers > Country Rifle - 3000$, Sniper Rifle - 10000$
Rocket launchers > RPG (1 rocket) - 10000$, HS RPG, Synced - 50000$
Tactical weapons > Tear Gas - 1000$, Grenades - 10000$, Molotovs - 20000$, Satchel Explosives - 20000$, Flame Thrower - 50000$

Licensed vehicles
Some vehicles that are able to used to be war vehicles are licensed,they cannot be used unless you got it's license.The licensed vehicles and their license costs are:
Hunter - $200,000
Hydra - $250,000
Rhino - $100,000
Seasparrow - $75,000
Rustler - $50,000
Nevada - $500,000

Nevada and Hydra bombing
Pilots / Players-that-have-licenses-on-Nevada-and-Hydra can fly them and use their bombs.Nevada plane can carry at least 3 giant explosive bombs.Hydra can only carry 6 small / medium explosive bombs.However,the Nevada bombs are much stronger than Hydra's,because when you drop one type of bomb,it will drop many of them.Unlike Hydra,it only drops 1 bomb at 1 time.You can re-fill Hydra bombs at team bases,except at Medic base.You can re-fill Nevada bombs at Area 51 / 69 runway,by typing /nevadabombs.To drop a bomb,simply press space,to change type of bomb,press LAlt or LShift.

Hunter / Seasparrow ammo / rockets re-filling
Hunters and Seasparrows are aircraft that use ammo and rockets.If they're out of one of them,you still can shoot but it reduces your vehicle health.So in this case,if you want to avoid it,simply return back to your base,find a C4 pickup or a text that says "Buy bombs / ammos.." etc,get to nearby it and type /buyammo.Then your vehicle will be reloaded with full ammo and rockets.

Fuel and damage system
Since our server is half The Death Match [TDM] and Role-Play [RP],we added fuel and damage system.When you enter a vehicle,at the right bottom of your screen,you will see a textdraw saying:
"(Vehicle name,for example:) MAVERICK
DAMAGE (Full green bar)
FUEL (Half blue bar)"
This means,the green bar shows how much of vehicle health you have and the blue bar shows how much of vehicle fuel you have.To repair your vehicle,simply call any available Mechanic(s) in your team by typing "/t I need a Mechanic to repair my vehicle.Location [Your location]".To re-fuel your vehicle,simply find a blue car icon in your radar,or if you spotted a white arrow pointing down,that's the re-fuel place.And then type /buyfuel.Every time you type /buyfuel,you will get 500 fuel and it will take 500 of your cash.

Becoming a VIP (Very Important Player / Person)
=> viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2003

Becoming a server administrator
=> viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2003

If you have any questions, or I missed something, please leave a reply here or PM me.
Thanks for reading.

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