Bear's Guide to Businesses; Make your $$$!

Bear's Guide to Businesses; Make your $$$!

Postby Bear » Thu May 12, 2011 1:11 am

Hello Server!
This is [Nuclear]Berri, A.K.A. Bear. I want to show you the magical land of businesses.

What are Businesses?
They are properties that you can buy to earn money, they are all over San Andreas, in the server of World War 3.

How to buy one?
Go find a business and /buy it.

Alright, so you want money, eh? Want to be wise in your business thinking? Read Below!

Okay, most of us should know what a ratio is. It is how you compare numbers, fractions are a ratio, but I like to use the ":" A.K.A. the Colon.

Now why are we going to use ratio? To calculate the money given to the purchase price.

The money given is called n and the money spent on the business is y.

Okay, so it will be n:y

So to identify, you need the two numbers. Relatively, if y is less than n (which is extremely rare, if never.) If you have a property, you need the money given and the money spent. Lets get 2 random ones.

$54,000 is the price of the business and $9,000 is the amount that you get per minute (BTW When we talk "money given", we mean it per minute, not per second!)

So the value of n is $9,000 and the value of y is $54,000, leading to our ratio:

9,000 : 54,000

Now, most props I have seen have compatible numbers, or numbers that are easy to divide, multiply, etc. Now what you really have to do for this one is to simplify it to easier numbers.

In this example, we can take the 3 zero's off both sides, and get 9 : 54. 9 : 54, this one should be easy for everyone who plays SA-MP, do 54 divided by 9 and you will get 6.

NOTE: 6 is the number to the right of the colon. Why? Because the number to the left of the colon will be 1, we have to get it to one in order to see the full ratio.

So now our ratio is: 1 : 6.

1 to 6, not bad. The best one I have ever seen is 75,000 : 1. That is "You Found It". Why is the 1 on the right side of the colon? Because y is equal to 1 ;)

Now what can I do with this? Lookie Here, whatever y is equal to is the amount of minutes it takes to get the money that you payed for the business! It is actually pretty cool to know how long you have to wait until ye' get your original money.

Try this out yourself! Who knows, you could be rich on the server! It actually helps, you can buy guns, better guns and DS-22 to not be spotted. Plus, you may be able to buy a house!

Have fun everyone! Post comments on this please!

P.S. - If anyone knows other things about businesses, say it here!
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