Application of Plastic Laser Marking Machine

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Application of Plastic Laser Marking Machine

Postby htpow » Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:37 am

Plastic, which is a synthetic polymer material with plasticity. Plastic products are collectively referred to as living or public goods that are processed from plastics. Plastic products are within reach of our daily lives, such as plastic bowls, plastic buckets, water cups, faucets, mobile phone cases, lamps, etc., and are one of the most widely used materials. In general, green laser pointer is mainly used in agricultural plastics, packaging plastics, architectural plastics, decorative plastics, medical plastics and other industries. With the advancement of technology, the change of plastic synthetic materials is increasingly used in the field of consumer electronics. Many, such as mobile phones, computers and other products.

Glass is a brittle material. It is easily broken by external forces during processing. Mechanical stress and thermal influence can cause glass to break. Therefore, the precision of glass material processing is high, and even in some high-end applications, even It will be stress tested and used. So in some high-end glass applications, what is the way glass processing is processed?

From this we can see the importance of plastics in our daily lives. The wide application of plastics affects our daily lives. Therefore, in order to improve the brand influence of their own products, manufacturers also promote brand promotion and user experience. In order to facilitate the use of downstream products, it is necessary to mark clear and beautiful production date, logo, patent number, company name, parameters, instruction name, number and other information on the plastic products.

To mark a clear and beautiful string image, you need to use a special device for marking, such as a plastic laser marking machine or a coding device.

The ultraviolet 488nm laser pointer cutting machine adopts the ultraviolet laser with cold light source, the spot is small, the heat affected area is small, the non-contact processing has no mechanical stress, and the processing speed is fast. The disadvantage is that the thicker glass is drilled, and the ultraviolet light is tapered, that is, the upper surface of the drill hole is small, the small surface is small, and the processing thickness is low.

Taking biological reagent glass scribing and drilling as an example, usually the surface of such a glass will be subjected to texturing treatment, and the treated surface is better processed by surface treatment by ultraviolet laser focus, and the surface without the texturing treatment will be better. Rough.

The working principle and materials of the coding equipment limit its development. The inkjet itself has the problems of high pollution, high consumables, high failure and high maintenance, which limits his application, such as in the food field, it needs to be used with caution. In addition, in some long-contact products, it is easy to erase, which is not conducive to use, such as light switches, chargers, etc.

From the above ultraviolet laser cutting machine compared to the glass scribing, drilling and machining methods, the size of the chipping can be seen by magnifying the machining drawing and surface comparison, and the UV laser processing is obviously superior to the machining. From the perspective of the smoothness of the surface, the military laser pointer filling method is slightly worse than the machining.

In comparison, the biggest advantage of UV laser cutting machine processing glass compared with machining is processing speed. Machining needs to be cooled and rinsed by water. In bioglass applications, drilling and scribing need to be processed separately. The laser does not need such a device, one-time molding, fast speed, small collapse, no stress, and low thermal influence, which is the biggest advantage of ultraviolet laser cutting machine for cutting glass.

Correspondingly, the plastic laser marking machine has become an effective processing method, which is characterized by non-contact processing, no pollution, high operation precision, fast marking speed, easy operation and permanent marking effect. Plastic waterproof laser pointer marking machines have become the preferred marking machine in the plastics industry.

In the huge application market demand, the development of plastic products has been promoted, and when laser marking opportunities are on plastic products, the two quickly produce chemical reactions, which has ushered in new development opportunities for plastic products, while laser products in the plastic products industry The use of the standard machine also promoted the development of the laser marking machine industry. Based on the industrial characteristics of plastic products, Yuanlu Optoelectronics has developed CO2 laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines and UV laser marking machines for different plastic materials.

According to the requirements of different plastic materials, the types of laser marking machines are different. For example, ABS marking usually selects UV laser marking machine, PE, PT, PP and other materials can choose UV or CO2 marking. Yuanlu Optoelectronics has developed sophisticated usb laser pointer marking equipment for different industry characteristics and material properties. The marking effect is ideal, the operation is simple, the performance is reliable, and the processing flow of the assembly line can be satisfied.
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