A: We are a classmate

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A: We are a classmate

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A: We are a classmate B from a young age: Yes, we both have the same class in primary school: At that time, the teacher always asked us to say our ideal B: Yes Marlboro Red Cigarettes Online, the teacher always asked, what do you want to do when you grow up: my dream is to be * *Uncle B: The little boy is envious of ** A: Through my years of hard work, now my dream has achieved half... B: How is it half? A: Someone called me an uncle... B: Oh, this half. Work hard again, there are people who call you a grandfather, what to use? A: We are brothers since childhood Wholesale Cigerattes, we also have a common enemy B: Enemy A: Yes, his name, called someone else's child B: others Child? A: Yes, when I was a child, I was naughty, my mom said, look at it, other children have more to listen to B: Yes, I failed the exam, my mom said, look at it, others have a total of 100 exams: This other family's children never play games, never talk about QQ, every day knows to learn B: this other family's children, looks good, obedient, back to the first grade: this other family Buy Cigaretes Marlboro, a beautiful girlfriend B: This other children, graduate students and civil servants have been admitted to A: one month salary tens of thousands of B: will cook, will do housework, will be eight foreign languages ??A: school in the field for a month as long as 400 living expenses are still more than two: After talking for a long time, what kind of other children��s children are like? A: Yes, what kind of perfect child is this. B: I have never seen it before. It��s just a legend: Afterwards, when we went to college, A dormitory B: Do you want to say that the relationship is so porcelain? One day, the school square called on the students to donate blood, saying that 200CC to send a box of chocolate, 400CC to send a watch. I think that I donated 400, gave love, and watched, my partner is not the same B: What happened to me? A: My partner heard it. I ran over and asked the nurse: "What do you send in 10,000 cc?" B: Huo, 10,000 CC A: The nurse calmly said: "The casket..." B: Even the bone marrow is emptied. A: My partner is very loving. B: Love, love, I am not a fan of money. Another time, I went to the movies with my partner. It was Harry Potter B: Yes, we all like this. A: When entering the market, a little girl and her mother are behind us, a small fan, wearing a cloak and holding a toy wand. B: Harry Potter's Shadow A: She raised her wand and pointed at me. The back of the partner: I want to turn you into a ugly one! This also puts on others, may be angry, my partner, he is very measurable, he finished listening, smiled B: child, you can not see him in general A: he turned around, "children, you also come to the movies ", I heard a scream: Mom! mom! Magic is obvious Wholesale Newport. B: Hey, go to your growth. It is an indispensable thing in life. In the process of growing up, there must be a lot of joys Cheapest Marlboro 100 Cigarettes, sorrows and sorrows.Xin��s grandmother once said: ��Whether childhood is happy or sad, people always feel that it is the most important part of life.�� That��s true. In this childhood��s carefree life, enjoy it. Beautiful.the growth of people, it is inseparable from the parents, the teachings of the teachers, the help of friends... Now you may encounter instant and adversity at any time, success and failure, we are constantly changing every moment, knowledge is improving, achievements On the rise...rugged bumps are waiting for us to face. The process of growing up is endless in my emember when I was young, my mouth was full of mellow lollipops, holding a stick in my hand, and still drooling, and the whole hand was sticky, this is me when I was young;dually grow into childhood, my childhood mouth is carrying: abc... childhood is like a cup of strong coffee, warm to your heart; childhood as a cup of faint tea, let you have a good aftertaste; childhood is like a rainbow after the rain, colorful ;my teenage years, I grew up. I went out of my childhood and I was a few years old. I have become self-motivated, and I have never been in a state of intense learning.
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