I live in a region prohibited from GMS

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I live in a region prohibited from GMS

Postby StevenCao » Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:24 am

Here is what I was thinking could be workable:Cannon Bazooka Cheap Maplestory2 Mesos ; Chain Lightning (now with this one); Piercing Arrow (is this better than cannon bazooka?) ; Showdown (allows for simple jump attacking, extra drop rate, and speedy cast time).

Some FM stores have an unnatural number of merchandise (and some with normal amounts) for example 10% blank slate scrolls (heaps of 100) along with other elite boss drops) Though they might have used some system to collect these goods, what occurs to us consumers that purchase some of these maplestory2 items? Are we at risk if we buy from'anyone'? You will find such apparent"BOSS BOSS BOSS" and odd shop owner names that some stay away from but what happens when they're moved to a more not obvious shop/seller?

So say if the'botters' or people particular men and women are captured and their maplestory2 items are ever backtracked, what happens to those people who bought these items that had no thought if they were legitimately gathered? Can we get banned for this with no mention? Do we have to submit a ticket which will take months (or not even a reply ) to receive a opportunity to have a state? I've been prohibited before on another acc for no reason and it took me 4 months to prove that it (more like to get any response from them (not a hefty nx consumer )).

If GMS is so empty would not it be a good idea to lift the MS2 Mesos IP ban to other regions? I live in a region prohibited from GMS and from my experience most people I do celebration quest with are from areas banned from GMS. Problem is we need to use other things and proxys to have the ability to playwith, which provides us small lag. In my opinion it's OK but many individuals are troubled by this and a few doesn't even play the game anymore.
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