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PARIS Jalyn Holmes Womens Jersey , Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- A Monaco fan site has urged supporters to demand a refund for their season tickets on Tuesday after the Ligue 1 runners-up parted with the talented Colombian duo Radamel Falcao and James Rodriguez.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the 28-year-old Falcao completed his season-long loan switch to the English Premier League's Manchester United with an option for United to buy the world-class forward next summer.

It followed the departure of another Colombian forward Rodriguez, who moved to Spanish La Liga's Real Madrid after making his name to the world this summer in Brazil.

The pair featured extensively in the club's marketing strategy and their leaving Brian O'Neill Womens Jersey , without any comparable replacements signed by Monaco, raised a lot of angers in the club's fanbase.

"Supporters, demand a refund for your season ticket Daniel Carlson Womens Jersey ," read the headline of a disgruntled post from the fan site.

"Monaco fans are swinging between anger, confusion and frustration. The fans feel betrayed today for having believed the club's promises and having accepted a significant increase in season ticket prices at Stade Louis II.

"There's nothing to indicate the club will accept these demands, but at least they will show our general unhappiness Mike Hughes Womens Jersey ," read the text.

The average attendance at the Stade Louis II last season was just 8,906, under half of the capacity and being the second-lowest attendance figure in the league.

NEW DELHI Dru Samia Womens Jersey , Aug. 5 (Xinhua) -- Former Indian External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh has alleged that the United States exerted pressure on former prime minister Manmohan Singh in the choice of his ministers and that CIA agents had "penetrated deep into every sphere of decision and policy making" of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government, according to local media reports Monday.

"At one stage when Manmohan Singh was trying to dissuade me from becoming the foreign minister because of Washington's active opposition to my name, he confided in me about the all-pervasive influence of the Americans in the Indian power set-up Alexander Mattison Womens Jersey ," Natwar Singh said in an interview with TV news channel Focus News.

Natwar Singh has recently published an autobiography, "One Life is not Enough," which has created a stir in political circles.

He said in the book that Congress president Sonia Gandhi had access to key government files and that her decision to not accept the prime minister's post was influenced by . wholesale air max mens nike air max mens wholesale wholesale nike shoes china wholesale jordan shoes cheap nike vapormax wholesale cheap discount nike shoes wholesale Cheap Nike Shoes Online cheap air jordans shoes Wholesale Kids Nike Shoes Wholesale Nike Shoes
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