[NEWS]Changes in the admin team

[NEWS]Changes in the admin team

Postby Aribaba » Sun May 13, 2012 9:26 pm

Dear WW3 Community,

we made some changes in our admin team, which I will state here.

- [WW3]Marty[FOX] is now our new Lead Admin (level 7). This position had the duty of "Head of VIPs", but now, since I ([WW3]Aribaba) do that work, Lead Admin will be that, the lead admin or Supervisor (Like Assistant Lead Admin duty). Congratulations to Marty from the Server Management.

- [WW3]Weapon is now re-promoted to High Admin (level 5). We hope that he will be fully active again and we congratulate him for his new status.

- [WW3]Spartan is now demoted. The reason, explained at "Inactiveness" board, is that he leaves the server. From the management we also thank him for his work as admin.

- AntiCheto is demoted because of his inactiveness.

- [WW3]Spiritmt2[FOX] is our new Supporter (level 1). We also congratulate him.


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