[NEWS] [WW3]Aribaba got promoted to Level 1336

[NEWS] [WW3]Aribaba got promoted to Level 1336

Postby faust » Fri Jan 06, 2012 12:49 am

Dear Community,

I'd like to tell you that [WW3]Aribaba is now part of the Community Management. He has done a lot of work for this server, f.e. building up the Weebly.com partner site, helping to fix bugs (commands!) and he has done a great job as Head of VIPs. Therefore we have decided to promote him to Level 1336.

[WW3]Aribaba will also keep the duty of being Head of VIPs since it was his wish and since he has a good overview about current VIPs. There won't be a new Level 7 admin for the next few days / weeks (at least not as Head of VIPs).

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