World War III Forest TDM 1.6 Released!

World War III Forest TDM 1.6 Released!

Postby Arrows73 » Thu Feb 12, 2015 5:54 pm

Dear players,

we are proud to announce that we've finished our work on Forest TDM 1.6. Thanks to all the Beta-Testers for their continuous support and suggestions.

Here's a list of the main features. Additional to that, we've adapted, optimized and cleaned up the script a lot and fixed lots and lots of smaller things.

Main Updates
-> The Server is now using MySQL instead of files to store the player data.
-> Added a signature generator to create signatures of your ingame stats! You can create your own signature here:
-> Redesigned the entire GUI ingame. It will now be way less buggy and /camera works perfectly fine!
-> Redesigned the entire vehicle GUI ingame.
-> Removed Infirmary.
-> Added a new territory called "Xoomer Fuel" at the explosive gas station.
-> Added a new superweapon ("SCUD Storm") at Xoomer Fuel.
-> Added a boat which is able to fire auto-aiming rockets on land vehicles. The boat spawns close to Border River.
-> Added the option to rebuy your spawn weapons after you've been logged out for more than 20 minutes.
-> Added a (realistic) elevator at Border River which leads to the sniper house on top of the cliffs.
-> Added armored trucks at every base.
-> Added a system that easily allows me to add objects to vehicles and cars.
-> Removed the buggy T95 tank.

Smaller Updates
-> Removed all bombs from the Hydra apart from one ("Hydra Bomb"), makes it easier for new players. Hydras now have an infinite amount of bombs.
-> Fixed the buggy bomb carpet for the nevada and replaced it with a nicer one. The nevada now only carries one type of bomb carpet.
-> Reset all houses to make them available to new players!
-> Rescripted the ban system, now it's easier to look up and remove / add bans for admins.
-> Added various new commands for admins.
-> Added /freehouses.

Bug Fixes
-> Lots... mainly it will be less buggy ingame due to lag, since most of the lag arised from the buggy GUI (stats bar etc.). Those things were rescripted and permanently fixed.
-> Fixed many timer bugs which lead to various problems (buggy superweapons, gold packages were not changed anymore, Megan wasn't talking anymore, ...)
-> /camera now works perfectly fine.
-> Removed the old buggy Anti-Cheat system.
-> Fixed /afk exploits completely.
-> Removed around 10k lines of unused code in the script, including the old, buggy, AntiCheat script as well as various forgotten parts of the old house system.

Note: Our database now stores your password salted and WHIRLPOOL-encrypted. This is safer than on most other servers. Enjoy!

I want to use this post to announce that this is the last major update for our server. From now on, I will still be adding smaller parts but since many players moved on to different games and our script is almost perfect, I don't see any point in trying to optimize it further.

Also, we are back on the hosted list for now!

We will be setting up a new team of administrators. Aribaba will soon post a topic about this. You will be able to apply and we will choose admins then.

Thanks for reading!

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