World War III is becoming a bigger community!

World War III is becoming a bigger community!

Postby Aribaba » Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:45 pm

Dear WW3 Community,

I'm glad to announce that WW3 is becoming a bigger community. In the next few weeks we will open an official Minecraft server, and we are also opening a second SA:MP Server, World War III Desert Fronts. This server will be a normal TDM server, with no official gangs, and it's and adapted version of the WW3 "Old Script". Both servers will have their own forums, rules, etc.

The reason is that Arrows73 decided to buy a dedicated server (server that is only for us) and there he can host whatever he wants. In fact, we are also creating a TeamSpeak 3 server.

This means that World War III Forest TDM IP will change again (in some days), but at old IP we will have a "MOVED" text. You will be informed about IP changes, new servers opening, etc.

While WW3 Forest TDM will be managed directly by me, WW3 Desert Fronts will be managed by a member of our community management team, but directed by me.


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Re: World War III is becoming a bigger community!

Postby Arrows73 » Mon Dec 17, 2012 7:09 pm

Since some players were wondering what happened to the LiberCraft forum:

It can now be found at :)

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